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About This Play/Drill

This play was from one of our early season non-conference opponents. The play call 'wide' was used against man to man defense. Best executed for programs that have a go to big man or versatile 4.

  • Basketball Play - Wide
  • 1 man begins with the ball lane line extended on the right side of floor. 

    1 man will pass to the 2 man on the right wing.

    As the 1 man fills to same side corner, the 4 man will screen across the lane for the 5 man. The 5 man can go over top of screen or under to opposite block.

    4 man will roll up to free throw line.

    2 man has three options (1) direct post entry to 5 (2) quick pass to corner for a 3 point shot (3) pass to the 4 man at the free throw line for a shot or pass over the top to the 5 man.