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Published 05/17/2013 by Daniel Murphy Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Opening play ran by the Heat in their 94-91 closeout game 5 win over the Bulls 5/16/13.  With two dynamic scores handing off and a potential Haslem ball screen the Bulls defense was focused on the strong side.  Having Bosh pin down for Chalmers game him space to attack the hoop in the center off the court.  Altough Boozer was guarding Haslem, and Haslem was standing on a wing, Boozer was protecting the rim.  If the Heat had a stretch 4 in at the time, Chalmers would have had a clear path to the rim, or a kick out to a wide open shooter.  

  • Basketball Play - Miami DHO Pin Down

3 (James) dribble hand offs with 2 (Wade)

4 (Haslem) fills the strong side wing

5 (Bosh) pins down for 1 (Chalmers)

1 curls the pin down and hits a floater