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About This Play/Drill

Opening play by OKC in the 4th quarter of their 103-97 game 4 loss to Memphis.  An effective screen by Fisher frees Durant up to catch the ball.  A strong side drive by Durant draws three defenders and he passes to an open Martin in the corner.  As you can see x3 plays inside Collison because x5 rotates to stop the drive.  This defensive rotation frees up the highest percentage 3 point shot in the corner.  

  • Basketball Play - OKC Horns
  • Basketball Play - OKC Horns
  • Basketball Play - OKC Horns
  • 2 (Jackson) changes sides of the floor

    5 (Collison) cuts to the weak side of the floor

  • 1 (Fisher) screens for 4 (Durant)

    2 passes to 4

  • Durant kicks to 3 (Martin) for the catch and shoot 3