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About This Play/Drill

Belmont has gone from a NAIA school to NCAA Division I under Head Coach Rick Byrd who is in his 28th season in charge.

This Horns set relies on "reading" the defense and attacking the right option with the end SPNR action.

Belmont players are so fundamentally sound and in Windler, they have the leading 3 pt shooter in the MVC. 

  • Basketball Play - Belmont Horns
  • Basketball Play - Belmont Horns
  • Basketball Play - Belmont Horns
  • 1 (Chamberline - 22) comes off the screen set by 3 (Mann - 24) and dribbles to the wing

    3 (Mann - 24) pops out after setting the screen
  • 1 (Chamberline - 22) reverses the ball to 3 (Mann - 24) who quickly passes to 5 (Jenkins - 2) popping above the 3 pt line

    3 (Mann - 24) dives hard in the lane looking for a quick give n' go pass - when nothing's open, he continues the cut out to the corner

    2 (Bradshaw - 23) slides up to fill the wing creating space for the cut
  • 5 (Jenkins - 2) passes to 1 (Chamberlin - 22) on the wing and sprints into a SPNR

    1 (Chamberlin - 22) comes off the screen and looks to hit 5 (Jenkins - 2) on the roll

    *there are multiple options coming off the SPNR as seen here with the Belmont spacing