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Published 02/04/2014 by Dana Beszczynski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Last night this play was run at the beginning of the game between the Florida Gators and Mississippi State.

It struck me as such a strong opening play that I had to diagram it and share with the other coaches out there.

A lot of movement, the use of the DHO and at the end, a perfectly played pass inside for the seal action and easy basket.

A great play to open the game when you have a strong 5 man who can get the 1st position inside and go to work.

Billy Donovan runs some of the most dynamic sets in the college game today.

  • Basketball Play - 1 Baseline
  • Basketball Play - 1 Baseline
  • Basketball Play - 1 Baseline
  • Basketball Play - 1 Baseline
  • 1 (Wilbekin - 5) executes a DHO with 2 (Frazier II - 20) on the wing

    4 (Yeguete - 15) slids over to the opposite block
  • After executing the DHO on the wing, 1 (Wilbekin - 5) runs the baseline and on the weak side receives a low screen from 4 (Yeguete - 15)

    3 (Prather - 24) cuts over the top to the opposite side

    5 (Young - 4) flashes to the elbow and receives the pass from 2 (Frazier II - 20)
  • On the elbow pass:

    3 (Prather - 24) cuts back door t the opposite side

    2 (Frazier II - 20) cuts off the post looking for a possible hand-off

    5 (Young - 4) turns and executes a middle DHO with 1 (Wilbekin - 5) lifting off the wing
  • 1 (Wilbekin - 5) comes off the DHO looking to penetrate, but is stoped

    4 (Yeguete - 15) lifts to the top of the key for the pass and quickly looks to hit 5 (Young - 4) sealing in the middle of the lane for an easy opening basket