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About This Play/Drill

Because Steve Kerr has the luxury of utilizing some of the best shooters in the world, he runs great actions like this one designed specifically for them. In UCLA Rip, he places two shooters on the same side and runs them in a three-man pattern with Draymond Green at the 4. The screening and attention paid to their shooters helps the backdoor pass from Green be effective -- which is why the two players not involved in the action must be lifted on the opposite side of the floor.

  • Basketball Play - Golden State Warriors UCLA Rip
  • Basketball Play - Golden State Warriors UCLA Rip
  • 1 hits 2 then comes off the UCLA screen from 4. 2 then reverses it back to 4

  • 1 then turns and back screens for 2. After a delay as 4 looks for an opening off that action, 5 flares 3 to the opposite wing