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About This Play/Drill

"Flood" is a secondary break action, which ends with 3 options. The best option is a lob to the trailer, after the backscreen from the 1. The second option is the 1, on the out cut, for a shot. The third option is the 1 passing high/low to the 4.

  • Basketball Play - Lob Sets - Flood (Secondary Break)
  • Basketball Play - Lob Sets - Flood (Secondary Break)
  • Basketball Play - Lob Sets - Flood (Secondary Break)

    If the 1 can NOT throw the ball ahead within two dribbles, he/she "slices," or uses the dribble to switch sides of the floor. He/she is still looking to throw the ball ahead, to the opposite wing. The trailer (4) must stay behind the PG, and must get to the opposite side of the floor.


    RULE: Do NOT throw the ball ahead, once you cross half court. This rule is to prevent deflections on wing entries, it helps discourage the 1 from over dribbling, & it makes reads more deliberate.


    *** In "FLOOD," the 1 always slices. We want to force the defense to adjust their defensive angle (similar to a ball reversal).

  • 1 passes to 4

    2 cuts to the opposite corner

    5 relocates to the ball side

    4 reverses the ball to 3

  • 1 "gets a piece of the elbow" and sets a back screen for 4. After the back screen, 1 out cuts.


    4 cuts off the back screen for the lob


    3 throws the lob to 4