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About This Play/Drill

"Banger" is a lob play, which is designed specifically for a zone defense. The key is for the 5 to sell the flash to the middle, to lift X5 from the middle of the zone. The ball reversals must also be "on time" and "on target." 

  • Basketball Play - Lob Sets - Banger (vs Zone)
  • Basketball Play - Lob Sets - Banger (vs Zone)
  • 1 passes to 2

    2 passes to 4

    5 flashes across the lane

    3 cuts to the opposite block, and stacks under 5

  • 4 passes to 2

    2 reverses the ball to 1

    5 cuts to the middle of the lane, to lift X5

    3 sets a back screen on the wing (X4)

    1 throws the lob to 4