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Published 02/05/2014 by Dana Beszczynski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

The Demon Deacons have already knocked off UNC this year and were looking to take down the mighty Orangemen last night at the Joel, but it wasn't meant to be.

Wake Forest has a really good Continuity Offense they used with some effect in the 1st half to seize control of the high post area against the vaulted 2-3 Zone of Jim Boeheim.

This play really does a good job of working under the zone as well and with the continuous high post action, many open shots can be found with a good passing big man.

  • Basketball Play - Cutters High-Low
  • Basketball Play - Cutters High-Low
  • Wake Forest Continuity Offense vs 2-3 Zone


    1 (Jones - 1) passes to 4 (McKie - 30) on the wing and cuts into the mid-post area


    3 (Thomas - 2) looks to cut under the zone on the baseline for a quick short corner pass


    2 (Miller-McIntyre - 0) replaces the cutting 1 (Jones - 1)

  • Wake Forest Continuity Offense vs 2-3 Zone


    1 (Jones - 1) cuts through the lane and out to the weak side as 5 (Cavanaugh - 34) cuts into the high post area and receives the pass from 4 (McKie - 30)


    5 (Cavanaugh - 34) quickly looks for the baseline cutter in this case 3 (Thomas - 2) for a quick lay-up


    *The offense continues in the same fashion with the the next pass as the Demon Deacons are looking to work top to bottom against the zone. The wing always cuts into the high post looking for a quick pass if open and the baseline always works under the zone