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About This Play/Drill

"Iverson Loop" is a misdirection set that can be used to get a shooter an open look, or isolate a skilled player. The Iverson cut clears out the weak side. When the flare screen is set, the passer must decide if he throws the skip pass to 4, or looks at the 5 on the slip to the rim. If the ball is skipped to 4, it is for a shot, or a wing isolation is created for the player to attack.

  • Basketball Play - Iverson Sets - Iverson Loop
  • Basketball Play - Iverson Sets - Iverson Loop
  • 3 cuts to the corner

    4 and 5 screen for 2

    2 Iverson Cuts

    1 passes to 2

  • 5 sets a flare screen for 4

    4 flares off of the screen for a shot, or isolation

    5 has the option to slip to the rim