Canton Charge Zone Buster - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

The Canton Charge ran this good zone offense set against the Tulsa 66ers early in the 2nd quarter of Game 2 in the 1st Round of the NBDL Playoffs.

  • Basketball Play - Canton Charge Zone Buster
  • Basketball Play - Canton Charge Zone Buster
  • 1 passes to 3 on the right wing.

    2 cuts straight into the heart of the zone in the middle of the paint.

    4 goes block to block and sets up below 5 on the block.

  • 2 cuts around the zone to the opposite corner. 5 screens the middle of the zone. 4 looks to curl right off 5 and receive a pass from 1.


    1st Option: 1 takes a couple dribbles, then passes to 4 curling off 5's screen. 5 looks to seal the middle.


    2nd Option: If 4 does not have a shot, 4 can kick out to 3 for the open perimeter shot.