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Published 05/04/2017 by Doug Brotherton Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

"1-Up Pop" is a counter play, off of the basic "1-Up" action. The weak side is cleared out, and the point guard is reading a back screen. The hope is that the lob will be available. If not, the back screener will out cut, and could have a shot. If the defense switches, then there is a high/low look.

  • Basketball Play - Ball Screen Sets - 1-Up Pop
  • Basketball Play - Ball Screen Sets - 1-Up Pop
  • 5 sets a high ball screen

    1 stretch dribbles off of the ball screen

    4 replaces to the opposite block
  • 3 screens 4 to the corner to occupy the defense

    2 sets a back screen for 5

    2 out cuts to the 3-point line

    1 throws the lob to 5, or passes to 2