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Published 04/29/2017 by Doug Brotherton Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

"1-Up" is a simply set, which is dependent on the ability of the PG to read the help defense. 5 sets a step up, high ball screen, and rolls back to the rim. 4 completes the roll/rise action, by rising behind the roller. 1 can turn the corner to attack, if help comes from the corner, then it is a drive and kick 3. The other read is the defender of the opposite post player. If X4 helps on the roll, then the 4 will be open on the rise. If X4 stays with the rise, then the roll should be open at the rim. This is a good late shot clock call, for those that play with a shot clock.

  • Basketball Play - Ball Screen Sets - 1-up


This is the basic "1-up" Action

5 sets a high ball screen

1 comes off of the ball screen

5 rolls to the rim

4 rises behind the roll