Spurs Weave - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Gregg Popovich dribble weave set. While it can change based on personnel and spots, the objective is to get an action similar to their Motion Weak offense out of a dribble handoff set. They push one player backdoor and raise another, hoping their defenders run into each other. There is also an easy counter to cut backdoor if the defense snuffs it out and denies the pass.

  • Basketball Play - Spurs Weave
  • Basketball Play - Spurs Weave
  • 1 passes to 4 and cuts thru. 4 dribble handoffs with 2

  • 2 dribbles over and pushes 3 thru

    1 raises and gets the pass from 2. If 1 is denied, he cuts backdoor (and 5 clears block-to-block to vacate that side)