Kentucky - Iverson Chase - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Kentucky ran this set in their Elite 8 match-up with North Carolina. The set is well designed, as it creates an advantage in the wing pick and roll. The 4 fills to the top, in the case that the opponent tries to ice or trap the ball screen. A quick pass to 4, allows for the lob to 5. If they do not do those things, then 2 should turn the corner, looking to make a play.

  • Basketball Play - Kentucky - Iverson Chase
  • Basketball Play - Kentucky - Iverson Chase
  • 3 cuts underneath to the opposite wing

    5 and 4 screen 2

    2 Iverson Cuts to the opposite wing

    1 passes to 2

  • 1 cuts to the opposite corner

    4 cuts to the top of the key

    5 sets a wing ball screen and rolls

    2 attacks off the ball screen