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About This Play/Drill

The Gators used this set out of a timeout in the 1st half against Virginia in Round 2 of the NCAA Tournament.

The multiple ball screen action is very tough to defend and yields an open 3 pt shot to Robinson who broke out in Game 1 of the Tournament for Florida.

Florida moves their personnel around the floor creating the best angles for screening and attacking off the dribble.


  • Basketball Play - Florida Gators ATO
  • Basketball Play - Florida Gators ATO
  • Basketball Play - Florida Gators ATO
  • 1 (#11 Chiozza) dribbles to enter the pass to 2 (#0 Hill) coming off an elbow screen from 4 (#1 Robinson) coming from the weak side wing to set the screen


    3 (#24 Barry) clears to the weak side

  • 1 (#11 Chiozza) runs off the elbow flare screen set by 5 (#12 Gak) who comes up the lane to set the screen


    *If the pass to the ring is open, the pass is an option

  • 4 (#1 Robinson) steps off the elbow into a SPNP action and 5 (#12 Gak) comes right behind setting the second ball screen in the middle of the floor & immediately rolls into the lane for a possible pass


    2 (#0 Hill) dribbles across the floor hitting 3 (#24 Barry) in the corner who quickly reads the open pass angle to 4 (#1 Robinson) for the 3 pt shot