Beat the Buzzer - FastModel Sports

Published 02/12/2014 by Bert DeSalvo Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This is a GREAT camp drill that I picked up at Al Skinner's Boston College summer camp. Mo Cassera, former Head Coach Hofstra, was the Coach Skinner's camp coordinator in 2008.

  • Basketball Play - Beat the Buzzer

Coach puts time on the clock (varies depending upon age group) - Start with more time and continue to cut a .5 seconds or 1 full second for each round.


Players dribble as fast as they can around both cones (inside the first one, outside the half court cone) and shoot the ball (aka "Beat the Buzzer") before the time expires.


Coaches can give any recognition for eventual champion.


This is a great way to end practice or summer camp. It incorporates ball handling and sprinting. The kids do not even know they are working hard!