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About This Play/Drill

Utah State MBB ran this set vs. UNLV on 1-22-14. This vintage set was made popular by the Utah Jazz in the 80's and 90's. Stockton, Malone and Hornachek ran this effectively because it incoporated the best shooters into little on big screens and if this set was not available Stockton and Malone could easily get into pick and roll action.

  • Basketball Play - Jazz
  • Basketball Play - Jazz
  • Basketball Play - Jazz
  • Basketball Play - Jazz
  • 1 brings the ball to 3's side of the floor

    3 loops around and pin downs for 4

    4 moves up the lane line to receive a pass from 1

    1 passes to 4

  • 2 screens for 3

    3 replaces 2

    4 pases to 3

  • 2 sets a cross screen at the rim for 5

    5 comes under and posts hard in the paint

    4 sets screen for 2

    2 comes up the gut for a 3pt shot (if post feed is not available)

  • 4 gets out of the lane


    Back to 3-Out 2-in alignment


    (**Note: If 3 cannot make the pass to 2, 3 and 5 can run pick and roll two-man game [i.e. Utah Jazz])