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Published 03/16/2017 by Aseem Rastogi Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

At 16:29 in the first half, St. Mary's ran this after breaking VCU's press to get a layup for their best player, Jock Landale (5). Starts in a horns set, ends with a 5/1 PNR on the wing. Forced Alie-Cox from VCU to guard two players.

  • Basketball Play - St. Mary's - Horns Wing PNR
  • Basketball Play - St. Mary's - Horns Wing PNR
  • Starts in a horns set with high post entry to 5.


    4 drops to the mid-post opposite.


    1 cuts off the high post to down screen for 3 in the corner.


    3 fakes using the screen and clears to opposite corner as 2 lifts to the wing. 1 pops off the screen to the ball-side wing.

  • 5 immediately sets a wing ball screen for 1, who drives middle and dishes to 5 on the roll for the layup.