Rhody Exchange Up - FastModel Sports

Published 01/10/2014 by Kyle Gilreath Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

The last Rhody play for this weak creates more movement amongst the bigs and results in a middle pick & roll. As 4 uses the screen from 5, 1 should look at 4 for a second as he could be open. However, that is a tough passing angle so more than likely 1 will keep it. (If you want to feed 4, 1 should quickly advance to 3 for a wing post feed). 

By having 5 set a screen for a player to the rim the goal is to get X5 to help momentarily and cause him to be late on the pick & roll. As a result, you will have three options of a attack:

1.  1 attacking the rim
2. 1 throwing back to 5 at the free-throw line for a jumper
3. X2 helps on penetration and kick to 2 for a shot

  • Basketball Play - Rhody Exchange Up
  • Basketball Play - Rhody Exchange Up
  • As 1 dribbles at 2, 2 rhody cuts over top. As the same time 3 cuts baseline. 5 then cross screens for 4 who rolls to the block.

  • 5 sets middle pick & roll for 1.