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About This Play/Drill

This play is from the 2010-2011 Houston Rockets season. You want to have your biggest guard take the ball out and your smallest guard to set the back screen. You want to create a defensive mismatch incase teams try to switch guard on guard action. You have to make sure you work with your 4 man on being able to read the flare screen or having your 5 man slip the flare screen.

  • Basketball Play - SLOB - Back Screen with Flare Screen
  • Basketball Play - SLOB - Back Screen with Flare Screen
  • 1. 1 cuts towards 3. 3 passes to 1 and 3 cuts to the wing.

    2. 1 passes back to 3 and cuts towards the mid-range wing area.

    3. 2 cuts towards the top of the key and 5 cuts towards the opposite short corner.

  • 1. 4 v-cuts towards and receives a pass from 3.

    2. 3 cuts off of 1's back screen to the rim.

    Option 1 - 4 passes to 3 for a lay up.

    3. 2 cuts off of 5's flare screen.

    Option 2 - 4 passes to 2 for a shot.