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Published 02/07/2013 by Dana Beszczynski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Texas Tech Interim Coach Chris Walker has done a good job implementing his Offense this year at Texas Tech after inheriting the program shortly before the start of practice

Here is one of his set plays run against Kansas State

  • Basketball Play - Texas Tech Ball Screen
  • Basketball Play - Texas Tech Ball Screen
  • Gray (5) comes off the ball screen from Crockett (30) and dribbles to the wing


    Hannahs (2) clears the wing and sets a baseline screen for Williams Jr. (23) who runs to the ball side corner


    Hannahs (2) continues across the lane and sets a screen for Tolbert (32) who comes to the ball side block looking for post entry pass from Gray (5)

  • Crockett (30) screens-the-screener as Hannahs (2) comes off the screen looking to catch & shoot the 3 pt shot


    *In this situation, Hannahs (2) penetrated down the lane drawing the foul