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About This Play/Drill

This is a nice action run by the Indiana Hoosiers from their overtime thriller against the Fighting Illni on New Years Eve

This play has a litlte bit of everything in it from a hard elbow cut for a possible quick hit lay-up to a diagonal back screen looking to spring the post for a wing entry pass

The play ends with a good drag screen action leaving open space for the PG to either drive the lane or read the defense and pick his best option

A well designed play by Tom Crean for his young Hoosiers led by outstanding PG Yogi Ferrell who has taken his game to the next level this year!!

  • Basketball Play - Hoosiers Secondary
  • Basketball Play - Hoosiers Secondary
  • Basketball Play - Hoosiers Secondary
  • Basketball Play - Hoosiers Secondary
  • 1 (Ferrell - 11) executes a DHO with 2 (Gordon - 10) on the wing


    2 (Gordon - 10) passes to 3 (Sheehey - 0) and runs off the elbow screen set by 5 (Mosquera-Perea to the middle of the lane

  • 3 (Sheehey - 0) passes to 4 (Hollowell - 33) on the wing and cuts through to the opposite corner


    5 (Mosquera-Perea - 12) sets a middle screen at the FT line for 2 (Gordon - 10) who comes off the screen and catches the pass for the wide open 3 pt shot

  • 2 (Gordon - 10) after making his cut off the elbow screen moves to set a diagonal back screen for 5 (Mosquera- Perea) who dives to the ball side block for the possible post entry pass from the wing - after screening, 2 (Gordon - 10) pops out for the ball reversal

  • If the ball gets reversed after no shot or post option:


    1 (Ferrell - 11) receives the pass and then gets a ball screen from 5 (Vonleh - 1) looking to either pull-up behind the screen for the 3 pt shot or attack the lane