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About This Play/Drill

Cincinnati ran this play for the game winner against Alabama as Cashmere Wright got up the shot falling away against Gueye from Alabama

This was the second SLOB play Coach Cronin drew up after having Alabama take a timeout when the Bearcats had their aligment set.  Grant evaluated the personnel on the floor and Cronin changed the play to get Wright the ball for a chance to win the game

Justin Jackson's screen on Releford after the inbounds was the key to getting Wright free and in position to win the game

  • Basketball Play - Cincinnati Bearcats Late Game SLOB
  • Basketball Play - Cincinnati Bearcats Late Game SLOB
  • Bearcats ran this play against Alabama with 6.0 remaining with the score tied at 56-56


    Parker sets a screen for Wright to come free - Wright reads the defender (Releford) going over the top and cuts straight to the ball


    Jackson adjusts to set a screen on Releford


    Kilpatrick cuts opposite the ball to the corner


    *Alabama had been doubling Kilpatrick all night

  • Jackson sets a screen on Releford


    Wright dribbles the length of the court to the short corner and pulls up for the game winning shot over the 7'0 Gueye who came off his man to help when Releford got screened


    Alabama did not help off Kilpatrick with Randolph due to Kilpatrick's proficiency as a scorer