Missouri BLOB 2 - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Missouri Baseline-out-of-Bounds series Part 2

Once again as demonstrated in our first look at the Tigers Out-of-Bounds set, you can see good spacing, open floor, and a good use of the screens to make something happen

Missouri keeps their composure when the set doesn't work and moves to open space eventually knocking down an open three on an unselfish kick-out pass by a good passing Rosburg

  • Basketball Play - Missouri BLOB 2
  • Basketball Play - Missouri BLOB 2
  • Basketball Play - Missouri BLOB 2
  • Notice the good spacing Missouri has in their Out-of-Bounds set

    Ross sets a middle back screen for Bell who cuts to the opposite block (Ross was free off this screen & Pressey missed him with the pass)
  • After Ross screens for Bell

    Criswell screens-the-screener at the elbow & pops out for balance

    Rosburg reads the defender going under the screen and adjusts his screening angle to free Ross for the inbounds pass - after setting the screen, Rosburg posts up

    Pressey makes the inbounds pass to Criswell and steps in ball side

    *On this play, Ross was not open for the pass
  • Criswell makes the pass to Ross on the wing who throws a post entry pass to Rosburg & relocates to the opposite corner

    Rosburg looks to make his post move going baseline and kicks to Criswell who relocated to the corner

    *Criswell a good 3 point shooter knocked down the trey off the pass from Rosburg