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About This Play/Drill

In the Eastern Conference semi-finals, Miami has given the Toronto Raptors various problems in defending their small ball line-up. Toronto continues to struggle keeping their men in front (defending dribble penetration). Here is a set Miami uses to create a mismatch or create an advantage, ultimately getting drive and kick play.

  • Basketball Play - Miami Heat Pin High GG
  • Basketball Play - Miami Heat Pin High GG
  • 2 (Dragic) sets pin-down for 4 (Johnson). 1 enters ball to 4.

  • On the air time of the pass, 1 spaces. On 4's catch, 2 immediately sprints to GG ball screen. As 4 turns the corner, 2 pops the 3pt line, 1 spaces to the corner, 3 back cuts (for spacing purposes).