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About This Play/Drill

A play the Milwaukee Bucks beat the Cavs with on Friday night.  The Bucks were down 1 with .7 seconds and got a great look.  1 set a good screen for the 4 man to the basket (which the cavs missed the switch) and then 5 does a great job of headhunting  and setting a screen for the 1 to the top of the key.


  • Basketball Play - Milwaukee Bucks Game Winner
  • Basketball Play - Milwaukee Bucks Game Winner
  • 1 is Brandon Jennings

    2 comes off the stagger and tight curls it

    5 doesnt really look to set a screen on 2 (he is trying to headhunt 1's defender)

    As soon as 2 comes off 4's screen 1 is going to cross screen for him

  • 5 then sets a downscreen for 1 at the nail.