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About This Play/Drill

A quick hitting 2-3 zone set that puts pressure on the bottom wing of the zone to make a decision on who to guard. Your point-guard needs to be able to make the right decision and find the open man; either 5 on the block or 3 in the corner. Most of the time, X4 will try to go out and guard 3 on wing, leaving 5 open on the block.

  • Basketball Play - Low
  • Basketball Play - Low
  • 1 passes to 4

    4 passes to 2

    4 cuts to opposite block

  • 2 attacks gap and kicks to 1

    4 screens in X5 and 5 goes to block

    1 reads X4:

    If he stays in = kick to 3 in corner

    If he goes out = look at 5 on block