Georgetown 5 Up Backdoor - FastModel Sports

Published 04/12/2016 by Adam Spinella Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

BLOB, or baseline out of bounds, plays are wonderful opportunities for a backdoor action because the defense gets sucked close to their man as they deny a pass towards the rim. Georgetown's John Thompson drew up this great set to get a backdoor out of a baseline inbound situation, sucking the entire defense away from the rim in order to do so. Thompson isolates the man guarding the inbounder as well, turning him into the help defender on a backdoor. As many coaches know and communicate to their players, the offensive player inbounding the ball is always dangerous once the ball gets inbounded. By paying too close attention to the inbounder, a defensive team will have no help at the rim on a backdoor cut.

  • Basketball Play - Georgetown 5 Up Backdoor
  • Basketball Play - Georgetown 5 Up Backdoor
  • 4 curls under or over the stack to get the inbound pass from 2. 5 steps out and gets the half reversal

  • As 5 catches, 1 clears away to the opposite corner. 3 comes up, then jets backdoor looking for the finish