Bulls Lob Go-Ricky - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Fred Hoiberg ran this re-screen action for a three pointer late in the Bulls-Hawks game on March 28th. It's a play with a re-screen (or go-ricky) above the level of the ball, a difficult action to defend for a shooter. It's a wrinkle off an old Brad Stevens inbound play.

  • Basketball Play - Bulls Lob Go-Ricky
  • Basketball Play - Bulls Lob Go-Ricky
  • Box set with the elbows raised higher. 4 (Gasol) sets a post cross down low for 1 (Rose). As soon as the screen is set, 3 (Dunleavy) lobs a pass to Gasol in the opposite short corner, where there is no help. While that ball is in the air, 5 (Gibson) seeks out 2 (Butler) to also get him to the ball

  • As the ball is caught by Gasol, Butler then turns and re-screens for Butler for a catch-and-shoot three. Gibson slips to the rim if his man over-helps on the re-screen.