Miami- Roll/Replace Action - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Coach Jim Larranaga wants to play up-tempo and score in transition.  This year they have concentrated more on getting the ball inside the paint more.  Even though it has a modern day (4 Out) look it still has an old fashion (inside-out) approach to basketball.  To execute this plan they use a variety of ball screen type action and roll/replace concepts.  Having a very good point guard that can drive and shoot makes this tough to defend.  

  • Basketball Play - Miami- Roll/Replace Action
  • Basketball Play - Miami- Roll/Replace Action
  • 1 uses the drag screen being set at top of key by 5.


    As 5 rolls to the front of the rim, the 4 will replace him lane line extended and receive the reversal pass.


    4 will immediately look for the Hi/Lo Action with the 5.

  • If 4 cannot enter ball into post; he will pass to the 3 that is lifting from the corner.


    After the pass 4 will set a ball screen for 3. 3 will use the ball screen attacking looking to attack the paint.


    5 will space to block and 1 will space to wing.