'Nova - Zone Set - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This 2-3 zone set overloads one side of the floor and puts pressure on the top 2 guards in the defense. It's important for the PG to aggressively turn the corner on the ballscreen by 5 to put pressure on X1. Your best shooter (2) should be coming off a downscreen by 4 at the same time and should have an opportunity for a jump shot.

  • Basketball Play - 'Nova - Zone Set
  • Basketball Play - 'Nova - Zone Set
  • Basketball Play - 'Nova - Zone Set
  • 4 screens X2

    1 dribbles to FT extended

    3 screens X5 then replaces back to 3 point line

  • 1 must make X2 guard him

    5 sprints to b/s X2

    2 must slightly walk his man down to baseline

    1 comes off b/s and must make X1 pick him up

  • Once 1 comes off b/s, X1 must guard him

    4 sprints to screen X4

    5 b/s and rolls to rim

    1 looks for 2 coming off single downscreen or looks to make play off b/s and find 4 or 5 at rim