Chicago Bulls - DHO Flare - FastModel Sports

Published 02/23/2016 by Lucas Shapiro Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Combining a dribble handoff with a weak side flare screen is a dangerous combination, especially when Doug McDermott is having a career night shooting the ball. The dribble handoff shifts the defense into help and the weak side flare screen takes advantage of this shift to get a shooter an open look.

  • Basketball Play - Chicago Bulls - DHO Flare
  • Basketball Play - Chicago Bulls - DHO Flare
  • 1 enters to the wing and cuts off screens by 4 and 2. 5 steps to the top of the key for reversal.

  • 1 receives DHO from 5 as 4 sets a flare screen for 3.