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About This Play/Drill

Mark Turgeon is in his 3rd season with the Terps and led them to a 25 win season last year and an appearance in the NIT Semi-Finals

This is a nice play which gives the shooter the option to read the defense and take advantage of what is given

With Dez Wells, the Terps have an experienced player handling the ball with the ability to set-up the play as Coach Turgeon needs

Layman is a lights out 3 pt shooter and in this play, he reads the defense jumping off the screen, quickly reacting, he cuts backdoor for a possible quick hit pass

Wells makes the play work by coming back, receiving the hand-off and hitting the former Michigan State big man Smotrycz for an open 3

  • Basketball Play - Terrapins 32 Hand-off Pop
  • Basketball Play - Terrapins 32 Hand-off Pop
  • 32 Hand-Off Wing Pop vs M2M


    3 (Wells - 32) passes to 4 (Smotrycz - 1) at the elbow and moves to set a down screen or a flex screen for 2 (Layman - 10)


    In this action, 2 (Layman - 10) uses the screen to cut baseline


    *has the option to come off the downscreen into a hand-off with 1 (Smotrycz - 1) at the elbow for a step back jumper

  • 32 Hand-Off Wing Pop vs M2M


    3 (Wells - 32) comes back to receive the hand-off from 4 (Smotrycz - 1) at the elbow


    4 (Smotrycz - 1) immediately pops to the open wing as x4 helps on the hand-off preventing the inside penetration


    3 (Wells - 32) steps back and throws to the open side where 4 (Smotrycz - 1) knocks down the open 3 pt shot