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About This Play/Drill

A handoff followed by a ball screen is basically a double ball screen but it helps to get the player the ball even if they are being denied. Come off the ball screen and look to make a play for your yourself or a teammate. On the handoff dribble right at the wings defender and try to screen him as you hand the ball off. Wing needs to take a good angle to come off the handoff and ball screen, look to turn the corner on the ball screen if you can. This play is from the 2005-2006 Duke season.

  • Basketball Play - Hand Off with Ball Screen

1. 1 dribbles over at 2 and gives 2 a hand off.

2. 2 dribbles towards the top of the key. 5 sets 2 a ball screen, 4 pops to the corner.

Option 1 - 2 creates his own shot.

Option 2 - 2 passes to 5 on the pick and roll.