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About This Play/Drill

Today's "Play of the Day" is a Sideline Out of Bounds play from the Coaching Toolbox to be saved for end of game situations when you really need a score.

  • Basketball Play - Denver

All players on the court watch the official and the player inbounding the ball. The play starts when the official hands the ball to the inbounder. Taking the time to slap the ball to signal the start of the play is a waste of a part of your five seconds that you have to inbound the ball.


#1 is the best inbound passer

#4 is the best leaper

#5 is the best poster

#3 is the best 3 point shooter

#2 is your best chance to hit a deep 3 point shot off the dribble


I like to throw the lob, but hit the first available open player. 


We have been able to throw directly to the post twice in games.


You will need to determine the order of the options depending on whether you need a 2 or a 3, how much time is remaining, and the ability of your players.


The pass in the corner to 3 will lead to a quick 3 point shot if that player is open. The pass to 5 is for a power or post move. The pass to 2, once he or she meets it will probably lead to a pull up shot off the dribble. The pass to 4 is a lob to the basket and is most effective if 5 is fronted.